Continuous Improvement

Posted Tuesday March 1, 2016

On 15th February we welcomed three new staff members to Ability Enterprises, who will all be employed in delivering the gatehouse contract that we hold with Toowoomba Regional Council.

The new starts will provide us with greater capability and will ensure ongoing business continuity. They are the first staff members to go through the new training and induction program that we have just introduced. Our new training model adopts a combination of “classroom” training, to instil the theory, combined with placement in the gatehouse for hands on experience. The training was delivered over a two week period and was a great success. This new program will be key in assisting us to work towards continuous improvement.

As well as striving for continuous improvement we are also always looking to identify new opportunities to grow our business. We have now prepared a feasibility assessment that we will conduct when considering all new business opportunities. This will allow us to appropriately assess and promptly respond to potential work contracts. It will also ensure that we have considered all aspects from resources to finances, and that it is also in line with our mission.